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Most people do not realize how fast our world is becoming dominated with wireless technology. I was amazed to find out recently that new smart homes have sensors in their light bulb sockets to tell you when to change the light bulb, all wirelessly. I am going to make the case that you should do your best to avoid these new wireless technologies and limit your exposure to them as much as reasonably possible.

First the science

At the moment, the scientific findings in relation to EMF exposure is “non-conclusive.” Which is to say that some studies show EMF causing rats DNA damage to their testes (Link), while some studies show nothing significant happening at all (Link). Understanding is also hindered by the complexity of EMF frequencies and types. The type of EMF coming from power lines and appliances is different then cell phones and wifi. Frequencies range from ultra low around 60 hz in power lines, to 2.4ghz internet routers, and on up to 60ghz for the new 5g wireless communication systems.

If you want to dig into the studies more, here are a couple links:

•EMFanalysis does a great job detailing out some of the studies that have found negative effects of EMF. He also shows the bias in the studies when they are conducted by the industry verse outside the industry…surprise surprise the industry finds EMF pretty harmless:

The owner of the site also has a good Tedx video that is accessible and easy to understand…a good place to start: Link

•On the other side of the coin, The National Cancer Institute has a bunch of studies showing that EMF does not cause cancer (probably):

•The Navy did a bunch of studies on EMF exposure and found some truly grisly effects. Luckily the amount of exposure in the Navy is probably magnitudes higher then what the normal population experiences. But if you want to see the list, it’s on page 10: Link

Second, the Anecdotal

I have been reading about EMF for a while, and had a period of my life a couple years ago with some Smart meters that really changed how I thought about wireless. There are many people out there, including myself, who feel or suffer some strange effects while living close to a wireless source. These people have been called crazy, and probably some are, but I think they are the canary in the coal mine. In all my reading, I know wireless does something, but I am just not sure what. If I had to guess, I think it messes with calcium ion balance in your body, and increases your metabolism (Link). The point is though…it does SOMETHING. It warrants consideration before utilization. It is not neutral.

Like I said at the beginning, most people do not realize how quickly cell towers have gone up, and wireless has pervaded our environment. The iphone came out in 2007, just 11 years ago! Do you remember how slow the internet was on those things? Wireless has been roided up like a Russian olympic athlete since then. We do not know the longer term effects, and neither do the companies putting up the towers.

My experience is that wireless, especially the stuff from phones, routers, smart meters, cell towers, and the like (1-8ghz), speed up your metabolism. At first, this is not so bad, but over time it acts like drinking too much coffee every single day…eventually you get dark bags under your eyes and a bit twitchy. When someone moves to a new smart home, or close to a huge cell tower, I see four phases. Again this is my anecdotal, personal observation:

Phase 1: For a while, maybe a year or two, less if they are sickly, they get faster. Everything speeds up, they add more to their life, they relax less often, and feel more energetic. Kind of like introducing coffee to a teenager.

Phase 2: At some point, some health issue starts to crop up. Usually they start to not sleep as well, or suffer anxiety/low blood sugar. They start to feel a little strung out. Sleep is not quite as restive as it once was. They gain 15 pounds. They yawn more and feel like everything is a bit more of a grind. They feel like they need a vacation, or like this year has been pretty tough, they have done a lot, and they want to relax but it never seems to be within their busy schedule.

Phase 3: They realize that something is not quite right. They get into something intense and energetic. They start Paleo, low carb, cross fit, fasting, or maybe some martial arts. They could start lifting heavy at the gym…it just has to be something really stimulative. For awhile, this makes them feel better. They might lose a few pounds they put on, and sleep a bit better from exhaustion. But at some point, something cracks. Their body reserves are seriously depleted, and getting into something stimulative to feel normal burned through them even quicker. Something breaks. They get injured doing a work out, or get insomnia as their thyroid levels crash. Whatever it is, they crash

Phase 4: Burnout. After the crash, their life starts falling away. Everything needs energy to maintain, and they do not have the energy to maintain their relationships, their demeanor at work, or their ability to think. All of the pillars holding up their life start to breakdown. They get depressed, reclusive, angry, overweight, sullen, and cut off.

This whole process could take anywhere from 1-3 years. The problem is how insidious it is. You would never know that all these issues started when you started a job at that new grocery store which had a cell tower above it. Or like me, your apartment installed 11 smart meters directly behind your kitchen. The intensity of your exposure matters. A wireless router on the other side of the house is different than a cell tower above your bedroom.


I think wireless science will take awhile. Maybe 15-30 years before humans start figuring out this stuff is hurting them very subtly. We are actually pretty good at figuring out things that kill us quick, like hemlock. The stuff that takes awhile, like lead, can take thousands of years. I doubt we will have to wait that long, but in the meantime, do not be a casualty.

•If you can see a cell tower from your house, you should move.
•Turn off your wifi while you sleep, and buy a smart meter guard for your house (Link).
•Do not buy every wireless gadget (Alexa, Google home, whatever), they are cumulative in their effect so use the bare minimum.
•You don’t need a smartwatch, you look stupid talking into it anyways.
•Don’t sleep with your phone next to you, get a regular alarm clock or turn it on airplane mode.
•If you have a home phone, do not use a wireless phone, use an old school corded one (Ahhh Yeah). The wireless home phones put off serious amounts of EMF.
•Get a regular thermostat, not a nest that collects data and takes your picture.
•Ethernet cords work great for any computer or laptop that needs the net.

I live completely wired, trust me, it is not that bad. Don’t be a guinea pig.

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